About price fluctuation
Immidiate shipment service
6 differences between gift culture & manners of Japan and overseas

Shipping cost
Free shipping throughout Japan

Payment method
We can accept payment methods including credit card, banking and cash on delivery.

Credit card payment
We won't charge any credit card fees.

Visa / Master / JCB / American express / Diners

*Employed credit card security system(Japanese)

Cash on delivery

You will be charged by 324 JPY(tax included) each trade.
* If total purchage price is more than 30,000JPY, charging goes up to 540JPY

【Shipping carrier】
Japan Postal Carrier

【Payment method】
Please pay by total amound of purchase in cash upon arrival.

* If you buy multiple products to a single counterpart, it fees abovementioned.
* Basically, Cash on delivery can be used only purchaser equals receiver.

Bank transfer
*advance payment

You will be charged transfer fee.

【Payment due date】
Within 7 days upon ordering.

【Payment bank account】
Japan net bank
Head office sales department(branch code: 001)
Savings account 1224800
Kumamoto sanchoku center(熊本産直センター)
* As soon as confirm your payment, products will be dispatched immediately.